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A Vision for Worcester


Worcester Civic Society believes that Worcester has a proud history, with many firsts and innovations in arts and industry, and also possesses an impressive and unique natural and built environment.

We provide a meeting place for all who are concerned with the quality of life in the City of Worcester, where they may live, work, study or visit. Through a varied programme of events we help to inform and entertain members and create opportunities for discussion, particularly on matters affecting the City's development and presentation.

Our Key Objectives

  • Encourage architecture and town planning to be designed to the highest possible standard, enhancing the amenity of our city.

  • Stimulate public interest in the beauty, history, character and culture of the area.

  • Advocate and encourage the preservation, protection, development and enhancement of features of public amenity or historic interest.

  • Encourage everyone to be involved in the development of their City.

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If you would like further information regarding Worcester Civic Society and/or how to join us, then please do not hesitate to contact us by email or via our online enquiry form.

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